Monterey Bay’s First African Penguin Chick

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has had their first ever African (or Blackfooted) penguin hatch on January 8, 2011.  Aw, that one’s a cutie. More details at the aquarium’s blog, Sea Notes. I really appreciate the extra information they give regarding the chick. Amazing stuff.

[via OurAmazingPlanet]

Update: A second african penguin was born on Tuesday, January 11th. Congratulations!

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Snow Penguin at the Tennessee Aquarium

‘Snow penguin’ seen outside Tennessee Aquarium

[via Chattanooga Times Free Press]


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Baby Penguin Survives the Lions’ Den

A baby African penguin somehow had escaped its enclosure at the Allwetterzoo Münster and wandered into the enclosure for the zoo’s lions. It is believed that the penguin had walked across the frozen ice of the pool surrounding its enclosure and waddled off. After coming up the path to the lions’ enclosure, it made a big leap onto the partially frozen moat. Luckily for the chick the lions were asleep inside their den. The zookeepers were able to coax the penguin out of the enclosure with a trail of herring. The brave penguin has since been named “Leona” after her daring adventure.

Am I the only one wondering why there are African penguins in an outdoor enclosure where there’s snowfall possible? Brrrr! A little chilly for a temperate climate penguin, I think.

[via Allwetterzoo Münster]

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New Gentoo Chick at Moody Gardens

A new Gentoo penguin was hatched at the Moody Gardens Aquarium Pyramid on December 29, 2010, weighing in at about 90 grams. What a cutie. The curator says that they may see more Gentoo eggs hatch this month as well as a few King penguin eggs. Oh, and they also have a live penguin cam going as well.

[via KHOU]

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Edinburgh Zoo’s Penguin Cam a Hit

The webcam overlooking the gentoo population at the Edinburgh Zoo has become an internet hit this winter. People have been watching the penguins play in the snow and swim around in their pool. I’ve enjoyed watching penguins either in person at our local aquarium or by web cam to other sites. Be sure to check it out at the zoo’s web site. Also check out other penguin cams on our Web Cam page.

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Google Street View in Antarctica

Interesting. Google has a street view of a penguin rookery on Antarctica. Very nice.

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All Black King Penguin Discovered

Photo via Andrew Evans of the National Geographic.

Andrew Evans from National Geographic was out photographing King penguins on the island of South Georgia off Antarctica when he spotted a rare specimem, an all-black King penguin. This penguin has some sort of melanism that makes its feathers dark/black. As you can see from the picture it does not have any white feathers on its front and its yellow plumage on its head is very darkened. Check out the articles on this astonishing wonder linked below. Wow, that’s all I can really say.

Yahoo! Green

National Geographic Intelligent Travel Blog

Another from Intelligent Travel

Short video of the penguin from Andrew Evans


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