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Penguin Speakers

At first glance, these penguin-shaped speakers are kind of creepy looking but that’s half of what grabbed my interest. Their eyes move and go crazy to the rhythm of the music. Pretty cool to me although I’m still holding out for I-CY.

Dimensions: 17cm tall by 7.5cm wide each
Power: 2 watts, 220 volts
Includes power button and volume control



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Penguins meet a Polar Bear


Emperor Penguins at the Munich Zoo in Germany
Credit: Associated Press


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Your Personal Penguin

Tonight I picked up Your Personal Penguin by Sandra Boynton. After reading about this book and hearing the song at Workman Publishing’s web site, I just knew I had to get this book. The story is more like a short song where this little penguin wants to befriend this hippopotamus, telling it of all of the things they’d do together. It’s very a cute story and the very last page will make you go, “Aww…” Below I have linked the song that goes with the book which is sung by Davy Jones of The Monkees. After the cut, there’s a behind-the-scenes video of Davy singing the song. Totally amazing. Davy Jones was a perfect fit for this song. I absolutely recommend this book for any small child. My daughter has requested that I read/sing this to her every night.

The song can be downloaded from Workman Publishing’s site in mp3 format.

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Rockhopper Quartet

Credit: Mary Loosemore at flickr

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Lost king penguin found in South Africa

Wow! This bird certainly took a wrong turn at Albuquerque, so to speak. A king penguin had somehow found its way to a beach near Cape St. Francis, South Africa. King penguins are usually only found in the sub-antarctic islands so you can imagine the journey it took. The rescue team took it in and made sure it was not harmed and didn’t pick up any local diseases. They’ll probably send it back to its natural habitat on the next ship going south toward Antarctica. I’m sure the penguin will feel much more comfortable with his own kind.

Credit: Niquinho at flickr

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“Penguins’ Rock” coming to Tennessee Aquarium

Coming this May, the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga will open their new Penguins’ Rock exhibit featuring Gentoo and Macaroni penguins which are being transported from Sea World in San Antonio, Texas. These two species are not in any exhibit in this part of the United States so if I want to see Gentoos and Macaronis, I’m going to have to make a trek to Tennessee. From the description given from this article, this penguin exhibit will be both educational and fun in lots of ways.

  • 20 penguins total: 10 Gentoo & 10 Macaroni
  • 18,000 gallon pool of 45° water with floor to ceiling windows for viewers to watch the penguins dive.
  • Video displays that show guests the penguins in their native habitat in the sub-antarctic islands.
  • A touch pool that will give visitors a feel for the icy water the penguins swim in.
  • Life-sized models of three different species that visitors can compare their sizes.

Video: WDEF12 Chattanooga

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Galapagos Penguins

Credit: Aaron Corey at flickr

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