America’s affair with penguins

Have penguins taken the country by storm? It does seem that the popularity of penguins has risen in the past couple of years, especially since March of the Penguins came out in theaters. Now that Happy Feet debuted last November, more and more companies are jumping on the penguin bandwagon to use as spokesbirds or just cuteness magnets in their advertisements to anything winter-related.

“I think it’s because penguins are incredibly charismatic. There’s also their funny-looking upright stance, their inquisitive nature, their quirky behaviors – all these make for one really intriguing bird.”

– Christina Slager, Monterey Bay Aquarium

Lately penguins have been making the Internet their second home. Back in the 1990’s, only Linux fans gave an open reception to penguins as Tux became the mascot of the Linux operating system. Now other sites like Yahoo and AOL are bringing the birds out into the mainstream. They do seem to be everyone’s favorite animal list.

I definitely welcome the outpour of penguin goodness. It definitely makes it easier for me to find collectibles and pictures in my pursuit of everything black, white, and waddling.


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