Coming Soon: I-CY

What’s black and white and cool all over? I-CY, the performing penguin! This waddling wonder loves to dive into music: rock, punk, rap, hip-hop, dance, techno, and more. Watch I-CY flap its flippers to your tunes, and make it happy with lots of music and interaction! I-CY communicates moods through musical riffs, movement and tons of blinking light patterns! It even squawks to let you know when it needs more attention! I-CY loves to move and groove to your music, but watch out – flick its tail, and it won’t be happy! Plug in and chill out with I-CY!

I-CY (courtesy of Hasbro)

I will need one of these when they come out in March. I got my wife an I-Dog for Christmas and since that was pretty cute, this should be utterly adorable.


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3 responses to “Coming Soon: I-CY

  1. I wonder how it will interact with the Blues.

  2. I’m hoping it reacts well and doesn’t start acting like Marvin.

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