Penguin killers at large

I was appalled to read about the horrible slaughter of three little blue penguins at a colony in Melbourne, Australia. The three fairy penguins were found with evidence of stabs, slashes, and heavy trauma – one found with a broken back. Who would do such a deplorable thing? Especially to birds that may not have been even a foot tall and would have a slim chance of escaping. I hope they find who is responsible for this heinous act and punish them to the full extent of Australian law.

“This area is jointly managed as a Wildlife Management Co-operative Area and our committee members are very disturbed that someone could act with such disregard for the welfare of the colony. These actions are totally deplorable and we will continue to work closely with DSE investigators to identify the culprits and bring them to justice.”

– Angeline Tew, Parks Victoria Acting Chief Ranger


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