Going for a Walk

The king penguins at the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo are being let out of their enclosures for a weekly walk about the zoo. The zoo’s officials say they’re letting them out to ease homesickness and the stress of being in capitivity. For their 30 minute walk, the penguins get to enjoy a 300 meter (.18 mile) excursion within the zoo. I concur – an awesome idea. If the penguins were in the wild, they would be walking quite a bit so this should help them feel more at home. We keep animals in capitivity for the public to see but we also have to keep in mind that we can make them happier by bring home to them.

“This was not the first time I saw penguins but watching them march like this was certainly new to me,” said nine-year-old Chin Isseki.

The penguins, too, seem to enjoy their excursion — officials say the birds appear less stressed after their walks.


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