Anchovy fishery could threaten penguins

Happy Feet is a fictional movie but there are some truths in it. As shown in the film an over-fishing threat does exist. This time it’s the Magellanic penguins on the Patagonian coast that may suffer. The local fisheries expected to rise due to worldwide demand. This appears to not be the first time this has happened. Back in the 1990’s, hake supplies were decreasing rapidly, causing a state of emergency to be announce cutbacks against fishing them. They plan on trying to set limits on fishing in these areas in order to side-step this crisis.

Oily anchovies provide a high-energy meal for penguins, sea lions, dolphins and cormorants, to name but a few. The pivotal role these tiny fish play in the food chain means that depleting their stocks could cause an ecological conundrum that the Magellanic penguins won’t be able to dance their way out of.


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