6.5 foot penguin stolen

Apparently, this supermarket in the UK has had a six and a half foot toy penguin resembling Mumble of Happy Feet fame. It was snatched on Saturday but no one seemed to notice until the following Monday. Excuse me, but how do you not notice that an almost 7 foot toy is not there? Even so, I’m sure the act of stealing such a big and awkward object couldn’t have been done quickly. I’d imagine that would take a lot effort.

Since the closed circuit footage looks like the crime was done by teenagers, I’m sure it was done on the spur of the moment as a prank. And I’m sure they will be caught. Hopefully the toy wasn’t defaced so the school it was being donated to will still get to enjoy it.

“The footage shows three girls enter the shop and head towards the sandwiches when two break off and grab Mumble’s hand and start to drag it away. They appear to have some kind of debate over whether to take it or not while still in the foyer before running off. They dragged it all the way across the car park before loading it into a van with three males.”

– Tim Larner, Security Guard


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