National Penguin Awareness Day

I have scoured the Interweb to find out what exact day Penguin Awareness Day really is on, but I am finding not much consensus. Some people say the 13th, 14th, 18th, 19th, 20th, and some wacky folks say it’s in August. There doesn’t seem to be an official web site for it so it’s almost up in the air. I’m finding that the 20th is popular among the more reputable sites such as the Edinburgh Zoo and the ASPCA. Holiday Insights also agrees with the randomness being weird. Heck, I think every day is penguin awareness for me. What can you do to celebrate?

  • Wear penguiny colors. Maybe black pants with a white shirt?
  • If you can, go see some penguins. This may be at the zoo, aquarium, or a local colony for you lucky fellows in Australia.
  • Watch a movie or video that is about penguins or just has a penguin in it. March of the Penguins, Happy Feet, Madagascar, or even some Chilly Willy. Adam Sandler’s 50 First Dates has a penguin named Willie that’s a riot.
  • Go to the library and find some penguin related material to read whether it be fiction or non-fiction.
  • Search the Internet for penguin information. A good place to start is Wikipedia.
  • Play some penguin themed or oriented games whether they be Internet-based, board-games, or imaginary.
  • Anything else I’m missing?

Round up:
Looks like an excellent PAD was had at The Felt Mouse.
Make your own Cream Cheese Penguins.



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14 responses to “National Penguin Awareness Day

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  2. cassie

    according to the Crayola printable calendars its on the 12th of January.

  3. Walk around all day like a penguin.

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  5. Brian

    Happy National Penguin Awareness Day!!!!

  6. Amber

    paint your nails penguin colors ( black, white, and orange)

  7. Amber

    sled around hallways on pillows like penguins do on snow!

  8. This is a must! Find a bottle of Little Penguin Merlot (Eastern Australian Wine and very common in liquor stores), uncork it and drink the whole dang thing. Then open another one, perhaps a Cabernet Sauvignon and share this one with some friends. Oh…..I know Merlot is suppose to be drank at room temp, but on Penguin Day??……be sure and pour it over ice. It is a fantastic wine for somewhere around $6-$10 a bottle. Enjoy–I know I will. PS I have been drinking Little Penguin for years now because it is such a good source of ‘heart medicine’. And, as a result of this, my friends have given me unbelieveable amounts of Penguin memorabilia and my house is full. I would like to nominate myself as “Penguin for a Day” for Jan. 20th 2010. Would that be alright with everyone out there? Thanks Russ Werth, Bowman ND.

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  10. Heh. I had no idea there was a Penguin Awareness day, but I posted a pic of a hardboiled egg that looks like a penguin on my blog today! Serendipitous,eh?

  11. Alex

    Google Pingu (the penguin) and check out some of his videos online

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