“Penguins’ Rock” coming to Tennessee Aquarium

Coming this May, the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga will open their new Penguins’ Rock exhibit featuring Gentoo and Macaroni penguins which are being transported from Sea World in San Antonio, Texas. These two species are not in any exhibit in this part of the United States so if I want to see Gentoos and Macaronis, I’m going to have to make a trek to Tennessee. From the description given from this article, this penguin exhibit will be both educational and fun in lots of ways.

  • 20 penguins total: 10 Gentoo & 10 Macaroni
  • 18,000 gallon pool of 45° water with floor to ceiling windows for viewers to watch the penguins dive.
  • Video displays that show guests the penguins in their native habitat in the sub-antarctic islands.
  • A touch pool that will give visitors a feel for the icy water the penguins swim in.
  • Life-sized models of three different species that visitors can compare their sizes.

Video: WDEF12 Chattanooga


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