White Adelie Penguin?

Wow. This is an amazing find. Michael S. Nolan, an award-winning wildlife photographer, has captured the images of an albino adelie penguin during his expedition to Antarctica. You can also feast your eyes on other photos he’s taken of the penguin population.

“Here on Devil Island in Antarctica we are treated to a rare sighting of a blond, or white, Adelie penguin! Often referred to as leucistic, isabelline, or albinistic this is a penguin that simply lacks the melanin of a “normal” Adelie and is much lighter in color and with a red beak instead of black. The really fun thing about this particular animal is that it is a parent to two normally colored (and VERY hungry) chicks! Sweet!”

– Michael S. Nolan


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2 responses to “White Adelie Penguin?

  1. I love your site. I am a penguin freak as well. I am totally subscribing to you now!! That white penguin is sooo cute!

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