Newport Aquarium welcomes African Penguins

The Newport Aquarium located along the Ohio River in Newport, Kentucky, has recently received three African penguins. Since they’re temperate climate penguins, they obviously can’t go into the main penguin exhibit featuring the Gentoo and King penguins. It’s way too cold for them in there. Instead it looks like they will be part of the “Behind the Scenes” tour. The staff is beginning to train the penguins to help them get used to human interaction. Later they will train them to do certain things like walking in a straight line. Also, if I read correctly, visitors will be able to touch or even hold one of them. That’ll be an experience I will be greatly anticipating when they’re all ready.

Spring 2007 “iNDepth” Newsletter (page 4)

“These penguins will be a great addition to the Aquarium. They have a social and inquisitive personality, they are fun to watch and they can interact with the public more than other species.”

Ric Urban, Rainforest Curator

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