Celebrity Penguin: Tennessee Tuxedo

In case you’ve never seen it or need a refresher, Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales was a popular and somewhat educational animated cartoon that originally aired on CBS from 1963 to 1966. Even though before my time, I’ve watched syndicated re-runs of it and it was one of my favorites. The show was about the misadventures of Tennessee Tuxedo (a smart alec penguin) and his pal Chumley (a dim-witted walrus) who regularly escape from the zoo only to be thwarted by the outside world.

When they run into trouble they turned to their friend, Professor Phineas J. Whoopee, who would lecture and teach them about a variety of subjects which were related to the duo’s plan of the day. Mr. Whoopee (as Tuxedo would call him) would usually demonstrate how these things worked via his three-dimensional blackboard (or 3D-BB for short) which he usually got out of his over-managed closet that would spilled out everywhere when he opened the door. Anyway, the 3D-BB acted like those instructional videos that we all loved (didn’t you?). The educational bits were very well done, in fact, as they didn’t talk down to kids as if they were idiots. The show was both entertaining and you could learn something from it before Tuxedo and Chumley were sent back to the zoo.

If you’re looking for some Tennessee Tuxedo video goodness, there’s a “Best of” DVD out and there is also a few shorts of this fantastic penguin on YouTube.



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3 responses to “Celebrity Penguin: Tennessee Tuxedo

  1. Thank you. I watched this cartoon when I was young and it was among my favorites, right after Rocky & Bullwinkle. I’d kinda forgotten about the educational aspect of the cartoon. That was pretty good too. I don’t recall there being any penguins in the R&B cartoons, just a moose and a squirrel.

  2. awww man! what an excellent blog this is. I just found you today. rock

  3. Why thank you, Zack. I’m doing what I can to get some interesting posts on here. Just about anything and everything penguin.

    I’m trying to find some regular types of posts to put on here when news is dwindling. Friday video and celebrity penguin so far.

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