Celebrity Penguin: Feathers McGraw

Wallace & Gromit has always been an interesting animation itself, but one of its frequent characters is interesting in his own right. Feathers McGraw is a malevolent & sinister little penguin with an obsession with diamonds. It seems that Feathers is always cooking up a grand scheme to pull off his latest heist. His most prominent appearance was in The Wrong Trousers where he takes a keen interest in a pair of electronic pants, modifying them in order to steal a giant diamond from a museum. He’s even shown as a master of disguise by wearing a red rubber glove on his head, disguising himself as a chicken. Alas, his plans are destined to fail as antagonists’ plans usually do. Feathers has also made cameos in other Wallace & Gromit episodes and even the computer generated cartoon ReBoot. This devious penguin could very well make it into the evil villain hall of fame, if there ever was one.

Feathers McGraw

Devious and determined is Feathers McGraw. An inspiration to you would-be super villains. Learn from his cunning.


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One response to “Celebrity Penguin: Feathers McGraw

  1. He is totally my Idol! Wallace & Gromit are so awesome, and that penguin (i didn’t know his name until now) is definitely one of my favorite TV/Movie villains.

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