Australia’s first Antarctic penguin rookery planned for next March

Wow. Now here’s a massive undertaking: A 32,000 square foot addition to the Melbourne Aquarium costing $20.6 million to expand its penguin exhibits to house Antarctic penguins. They say they’re going to try to re-create an Antarctic environment for the penguins, which will be Kings and Gentoos. Along with the penguins, they will be introducing some Antarctic fish and marine invertebrates.

“What we are trying to do is give the guest an experience and a visual representation of what a visit to Antarctica might be like. You will see snow, you will have a sense of cold, and you will see some iconic Antarctic imagery — so obviously ice will have some representation in the theme.

– Rob Taranto, Melbourne Aquarium Manager

In addition to Australia, the aquarium’s parent company plans to expand in Toronto, Prague, and Dubai. The Newport Aquarium in Kentucky currently has King and Gentoo penguins but I’m fairly interested in how this new addition will look like to re-create their environment. For the folks in Australia, this should be an interesting development.


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