Friday Video: Pingu Dance Rap

In 1989, David Hasselhoff released (in Switzerland only) the single “Pingu Dance”, a rap song based on the Pingu shorts and featuring a number of samples of Pinguish. A portion of this song is used as the theme to Pingu on the PBS Kids Sprout channel in the United States. ~Wikipedia

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One response to “Friday Video: Pingu Dance Rap

  1. HAHAHAHA MAN!!! I cannot believe nobody else commented on this absolute gold mine of a find.

    I love pengu, and over in canada we have that exact theme song playing for the shows.

    I only get a small snippet of it..but it has been forever ingrained in my mind as one of the best godamn theme songs for a “claymation based on a penguin that can’t speak real words” EVER.

    Great find!

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