No stolen penguins in KY

Lately I’ve been seeing some referrer hits from search engines with keywords including “baby penguin stolen newport ky.” I’m just going to let those people who are wondering where the stolen baby penguin from Newport, Kentucky, is – no where. As far as penguin snatchings, you are probably looking for articles regarding the baby penguin that was stolen from the Amazon World Zoo on the Isle of Wight which is near Newport, Britain. This happened back in December of 2005 soon after March of the Penguins debuted in theaters. Sadly, the penguin was never found and even if it was released into the sea as purported, it was too young to survive on its own as it needed its parents to feed it.

Alternatively, there are urban legends still going around about children sneaking penguins home in their backpacks from trips to zoos, aquariums, and theme parks. According to Snopes, these myths are just that. These have been going around since the early 1990’s. I seriously doubt that a child could get into the enclosures in the first place. Most places I’ve seen have penguins in another room that is climate controlled and getting into that would be thwarted by other security measures, I’m sure. Even if a penguin was snatched and handled improperly, it would most certainly bite, beat, and/or scratch whomever it may be. Very doubtful one could be stuffed into a backpack, I’d say.

Sorry, guys, but no stolen penguins in Kentucky. I’m sure the folks at the Newport Aquarium count them everyday!



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9 responses to “No stolen penguins in KY

  1. Regarding the baby penguin stolen from the zoo on the Isle of Wight, I wouldn’t put something like that past PETA or a similar thinking organization. Some of these people are kinda whack and don’t know much about the animals they claim to be liberating into the wild. They might actually believe that a baby penguin (or any penguin) could instinctively survive in the North Sea. Now I’ve probably pissed off Pamela Anderson.

  2. You may be onto something there. I agree about PETA.

    That African penguin chick definitely couldn’t survive in the North Sea being that it’s way too cold and it was a temperate climate penguin.

  3. Angie

    Funny – I looked this up tonight to see if it was a myth (I check all of these types of stories out!). My sister and her husband are here in CA visiting from OH and went to the Aquarium of the Pacific today. Before leaving they told us that a friend of a friend’s son had been on a field trip to the Newport Aquarium, disappeared from his group for a while, reappeared, went home and wanted to take a bath by himself. His mom got worried and walked in the bathroom and he had a baby penguin that he had smuggled out under his jacket. When I didn’t believe them they got mad at me and swore it was true!

    • Kaycee

      I live here in ohio just 15 minuts from Newport aquarium I had heard a version of this story too. trying to find out if it was true.

  4. Hi Angie. Thanks for replying. Yeah, I’d question them on that. I’m certain an event like that would make the news around here (I live near the Newport Aquarium). That description sounds like one of the classic urban legends that the Snopes article tells about.

  5. Oscar

    I heard this one just the other day … Sept 6, 2007 … from a speaker claiming the school teacher was a sister-in-law. Wanting to check the story out further I could not find anything in the news sources, but could find this story.

    The basic elements of the story were:

    Grade School Field Trip,
    Boy goes missing for a while, comes back wet and quiet,
    Boy dries out before going home so teachers are quiet about incident
    Boy’s mother calls teacher few hours later inquiring about anything that happened during the trip … son is in the bathtub with a penguin.

  6. Ah, the urban legend is still at large. Well, I’m going to the Newport Aquarium tomorrow morning. I’ll take a headcount while I’m there.

  7. Erin

    Yes…I’ve heard a story like that. Though it said that a girl took a little boy whom she was babysitting to a zoo and he went missing for a little bit. When he was found she scolded him, took him home, and sent him straight to his room. A little while later she went up to get him and he was playing with a penguin that he apparently stuffed into his backpack with the help of someone else. It made me laugh but i really don’t believe that could actually happen.

  8. We’ll , I too heard this story took a church group this past Sunday evening 3/02/08. We’ll I guess
    some of our menbers of our church decided to pull a practical joke on us. They called us that evening and said one of our young familes young son had stolen a baby penguin. The story was basically the same of the others I have read
    in the other comments. So needless to say I feell like the fool since I have shared this story with many and hear it is untrue!
    natalie w.

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