Penguins on Spring Break

Last week as part of our vacation, we took a trip to the Newport Aquarium and Cincinnati Zoo. And of course, I spent a lot of quality time watching the penguins and shooting some photographs of them. See below for a brief about the trip and a slew of pictures.

Newport Aquarium

The King penguins were quite content on standing there and letting us stare wondrously at them. The month and a half old King chick was out there as well. It hasn’t lost its down However, the Gentoos were more playful, waddling around and diving in the freezing water. As always they put on quite the show. I do have some video footage of these guys but the compilation will be posted here for this week’s Friday video.

King Penguins with their Chick King & Gentoo Penguins

Gentoo ready for take off Gentoo flying out of the water

Cincinnati Zoo

We found the sub-antarctic penguins at the Wings of the World exhibit. This one was way smaller than Newport’s but included Kings, Magellanics, and Rockhoppers. These penguins didn’t move around as much, possibly because of the size of the tank. Plus there was a big rock in the middle so I think there definitely wasn’t room for gaining any kind of speed. After that, I finally spotted the Penguin Walkabout almost hidden right next to the gift shop. This is the area that I was looking forward to the whole trip — the Little Blues. At first the was only a few that came out and hid behind some shrubbery. Then they went into their rookery entrance. However, they came back out one after another. After running out of room on my memory card, we decided my time with the Little Blues was done.

Kings with a Magellanic King Penguin

Rockhoppers Little Penguin

Little Penguin Little Penguins

Little Penguins Little Penguins

A bunchof Little Blues  Little Penguins

Little Penguins Little Penguins


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