Penguin Luggage, anyone?


Dinky Upright Penguin Luggage

We all know how stressful traveling with children can be, especially with the appalling state of American airports. I don’t want to get political on anyone here, but I will say my willingness to take road trips has gone way up in recent years. Help yourself out with carrying luggage by giving your children control over their own bags, and nothing is more delightful than a suitcase that looks like a penguin.

This is as full-featured as a regular suitcase, and features wheels as well as a collapsible handle so you can roll it around the airport. Even the price, $62, is easy on the wallet. I will say the top is a little disturbing, the penguins head ends…abruptly.

That’s some cute little suitcase there. I bet my daughter would love one of those since she’s becoming quite the penguin aficionado.



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5 responses to “Penguin Luggage, anyone?

  1. I’m sorry babygadget but there are more delightful things than a penguin-esque suitcase. Especially with that freshly guillotined look.But that’s probably a world-weary grown-ups take on it. KIds will love it I’m sure.

  2. I checked this Penguin luggage but I think it’s not available anymore. However, there is always some alternatives. I absolutely recommend bags from American Tourister because they have very nice luggage which will be adored by kids.

  3. Marie

    Beautiful looking luggage.

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