Penguin Waffles

I love penguins. I love waffles. Can’t I have both… at the same time? Apparently I can! Sunbeam makes a waffle iron called Woddles that molds the batter into cute little penguin shapes. That is brilliant if not absolute sheer genius!

Borrowing some pictures from another blog, I’d like to show what these little guys look like after they’ve been popped from the iron. They even have an indent where you can place a scoop of ice cream or maybe just a lake of syrup! Yum…


Woddles (WM3100)
Make fun penguin shaped waffles in minutes with Woddles. He even has an indent in his tummy to scoop the ice-cream in to. Yummy!
RRP $29.95
Creates penguin shaped waffles in minutes
Easy to clean, non-stick cooking plates
Safety latch
Neon ‘on’ light



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3 responses to “Penguin Waffles

  1. Jaz

    I love that but can you get one of those Woddles in the U.S. From what I could tell, this is only available in Australia?

    I would love to have such a thing. I have a relative that it would be perfect for. Any ideas?

  2. Josh


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