Fairy Penguins found dead in fishing nets

23 little blues were found dead this past weekend strangled in an abandoned fishing net intended for sharks. The Australian Coastguard found the net by chance just off the coast in Port Phillip Bay. If this was intentional, this is truly an evil act and those responsible should be held accountable. If this was an accident by way of forgetting to bring in a net, it is still negligent, irresponsible and, of course, tragic. I’m sure this was very upsetting for those who had to remove the bodies from the nets. The penguins are said to have probably been from the Phillip Island colony. The Australian Department of Sustainability and Environment is still investigating into whom is responsible for these little penguins’ deaths.

Unrelated Photo Credit: Andrew Matthews at flickr


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One response to “Fairy Penguins found dead in fishing nets

  1. This seems a bit of a concern as I have just read on the internet about other little penguins found dead.
    Odd, unusual and disturbing. Please see my notes & email below.

    Fairy Penguins in Port Phillip Bay – BirdForum
    Fairy Penguins in Port Phillip Bay Australia. … I was saddened and surprised to find a dead Fairy Penguin at Altona Beach yesterday. …
    http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=106413 – 32k – Cached – Similar pages

    Concerned Bay Resident.

    I was walking as I have always along Black Rock Beach – ‘Seaview’ end where I came across a dead blue little penguin. I unfortunately did not check whether it had a tag on it’s foot,which would have helped to identify where it came from. St Kilda or other… It looked just fresh – 7.30pm. But I must admit I have never seen in my whole life a dead blue penguin washed up on the local beach here. Lots of Cormorants and general Seagulls but never a little blue penguin. And I am 43 years ago and have lived in this area since I was 2. This does concern me a little bit due to disturbances on the Bay. Could you please investigate… Along with recent sighting at Altona Beach… It’s a worry!

    Your sincerely


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