Cessna Penguin Cove to open soon

The Sedgwick County Zoo will be opening their new penguin exhibit called Cessna Penguin Cove on May 25 next week which includes 17 Humboldt penguins. This exhibit is outdoors since Humboldts are native to South America, primarily the coasts of Chili and Peru. Their new home will resemble their native land with a rocky backdrop and a desert terrain. There will, of course, be water for them to swim in – and lots of it. 42,000 gallons fill the pool where they can show off their swimming skills. This is the zoo’s first experience with exhibiting penguins and hopefully they will do a grand job.

“This is our first time showing off ocean-living birds. This is truly an oceanic species. Now that we’re showing that, we can talk about the problems with our oceans — like over-fishing, climate change — and it opens up more dialogue about it. We can say this affects penguins that you see right here.”

– Joe Barkowski, Curator of Birds, Sedgwick County Zoo


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