Oceans at the Indianapolis Zoo opens this Saturday

Opening on May 26, Oceans presented by Old National Bank is an experience Zoo visitors will not want to miss. As the name implies, the focus is those huge bodies of sea water that cover seven tenths of our world, and which are collectively refer to as the oceans. The former World of Waters Building closed in August 2006 to begin its transformation into the new exhibit. Zoo visitors who were familiar with the building as it was will find that walls and ceilings have been blown apart, pathways have been rearranged and even floors have been changed in their elevation.When visitors reach the returning penguin exhibit, they will notice a transparent panel beneath their feet that allows them to see (and appreciate the speed) of the penguins as they “fly” underwater from one side of the exhibit to the other. Zoo visitors most certainly will be very glad to have the penguins back from their “vacation” in Texas, and they’re bringing home an addition to the flock – a baby Gentoo penguin (the first born from the Indianapolis Zoo gentoo flock) that has thrived in his temporary home.

[Text Credit: Indianapolis Zoo]

[Update 05/30/07: Found a video with some pictures of the new renovation]


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