Penguin Encounter

I saw this link in my Google alerts this morning and just had to share. For their daughter’s 16th birthday, these parents took her to Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas, for Seal and Penguin Encounter. They got to interact with the penguins in lots of ways including feeding, playing, touching, and letting them create some works of art for her to take home. An awesome experience, I’m sure! I can’t wait until I get to experience the same sort of thing out here in Ohio at Newport.



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3 responses to “Penguin Encounter

  1. Hi – thanks for the link! What a cool site you have. I’m going go send the link to my daughter as well.

  2. Thanks, Neil! I enjoyed reading about your family’s experience with the penguins. The aquarium near us in Newport, Kentucky, recently opened a penguin encounter. I haven’t gone yet, but I hear it may be part of my birthday present this year. My daughter is becoming a big fan of them as well. She’s only 4 years old but why not start an interest early?

  3. Hi Adam – yes, that is great to get them interested early. The place we went had a variety of programs depending on age levels.

    Have fun – that will be a great experience for you both!

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