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Penguin Mothers

My wife found this comic for me. It’s from May 11, 2003, from An interesting take on penguins feeding their young and questions about their fuzzy appearance. Click the image below for the full size comic.



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Friday Video: Adelies on Gourdin Island

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Rise of the Penguin Surfer


With the theater releases of the new Fantastic Four movie and Surf’s Up, someone created a mash up trailer of both. I’m amused. ;-)

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Macaroni Penguin in colored pencil

Saw this at 

Macaroni Penguin in colored pencil

Ractelbeast writes: This is the first time I have ever tried to draw with colored pencil, and it was kind of like an experiment for me. I am definitely a beginner as I have never taken a drawing/art course. I am unsure if art is something that I would like to pursue but I would appreciate any criticism or helpful hints.


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Friday Video: Easily Amused

Penguins are apparently as easily amused as I am.


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Penguin chick waddles into spotlight

At 8 weeks old, the baby penguin that flaunted its brilliant coat of indigo-colored feathers yesterday at the New England Aquarium is already full grown. The foot-tall bird weighed 2 to 3 pounds, and it will not get any bigger, no matter how many herring and smelt it eats.

That’s how the species, which is the tiniest in the world, earned the name little blue penguins. The aquarium has not determined the gender of the baby or given it a name.

Waddling for news cameras in its debut yesterday, the chick may have sparked jealousy in the 13 other little blues on exhibit, whose plumage has dulled and grayed with age.

The chick hatched April 6 from a golf-ball-size egg and had been kept separate from the other 60 penguins on exhibit, which include the 2-foot-tall African and rockhopper penguins. The pint-size little blues hail from Australia and New Zealand and make up for their small stature with loud barks, chirps, and squeaks, said Paul Leonard, the aquarium’s penguin specialist.

“Even though they are little ones, they act very big and tough,” Leonard said.

[via Boston Globe]

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Penguin Dreams

We were at the grocery store last night and were passing by the bargain books bin when I saw this book. The very first thing that I noticed was that it was in the art style of J.otto Seibold. You know, the man who illustrated “Olive, the Other Reindeer.” Being the penguin lover that I am, I had to snatch up a copy of it. How could I resist for $3.99?

Penguin Dreams” is about a penguin named Chongo Chingi (yeah, it does sound like a monkey’s name but who am I to judge?) who drifts off to sleep, wanting to fly. Soon thereafter, his dreams begin as he dives into the water but finds himself flying! His flight takes him over the zoo, into the sky and to outer space. The story itself isn’t very linear and at first you may think it doesn’t make much sense; however, do our dreams make sense sometimes?

The scenes go from stage to stage abruptly like any dream could do. It’s an interesting concept being used here. There aren’t too many words in this book although I think that the illustrations make up for that. The abstract style may seem to be too busy for your children but the muted colors tone that aspect down and should keep them interested.I’ll be reading this to my children tonight and we’ll see how they like it.


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