Penguin Ice Cream at Baskin-Robbins

Inspired by the upcoming animated film, Surf’s Up, Baskin-Robbins is bringing its consumers a couple of tasty treats to… well, consume!

The two flavors are “Penguin Swirl” and “Splish Splash” which both sound like good flavors to try. Even though the Penguin Swirl is partly colored black, it’s not licorice, thank goodness. It’s actually a mixed berry flavor swirled with their own Tutti Frutti ice. Splish Splash looks like it will be scrumptious as well with its blue raspberry and blueberry combination. I hear they also have a special cone with a penguin frosted on its side.

These two flavors are for a limited time only and won’t be available after August 19th.

There aren’t many Baskin-Robbins near me. I can only think of two off-hand but one of them is close by work so I may need to head out there on a lunch break soon!


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5 responses to “Penguin Ice Cream at Baskin-Robbins

  1. Cellista

    My friends and I spotted the “Penguin Swirl” flavor this weekend at Baskin Robbins. I must say it looks like a bucket of tar…the black is just unnaturally black! I made my friend Jette try it, and while she said it tasted good, it turned her whole mouth and teeth black!! I guess kids would like that, though…

  2. Wow. Now there’s a side effect that I’m glad to know about. Would hate to come back to work with a mouth looking like I’d been chewing tobacco! Gross. I think the kids are their main market for flavors like these although I’d probably try the Splish Splash one.

  3. WTf

    In all seriousness I ate a single scoop of the Penguin Swirl and the next day i crapped blue. I swear that I am not lying.

  4. Wow. Now there’s a undesirable side effect if I ever heard one.

  5. Member #524

    4 x 13 = 34

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