Penguin chicks hatch at Edinburgh Zoo

Within the first few weeks of the breeding season, twenty-three penguin chicks have hatched at the Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland. One of the brood is a rockhopper penguin, the first in nearly four years at the zoo. Zoo officials say that this chick is doing very well and its parents are being quite attentive unlike the rockhopper penguins that hatched a chick back in 2003. The other twenty-two chicks are gentoos which have no issues with being bred in captivity like the rockhoppers do.

“We have an excellent breeding record for gentoos but it is more difficult to breed rockhoppers so we are really happy to have a healthy chick. It is still staying very close to its parents but will start venturing out itself in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, it’s still too early to find out what sex it is so we haven’t been able to name it yet.”

– Roslin Talbot, Head Keeper of Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo


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