Penguin Dreams

We were at the grocery store last night and were passing by the bargain books bin when I saw this book. The very first thing that I noticed was that it was in the art style of J.otto Seibold. You know, the man who illustrated “Olive, the Other Reindeer.” Being the penguin lover that I am, I had to snatch up a copy of it. How could I resist for $3.99?

Penguin Dreams” is about a penguin named Chongo Chingi (yeah, it does sound like a monkey’s name but who am I to judge?) who drifts off to sleep, wanting to fly. Soon thereafter, his dreams begin as he dives into the water but finds himself flying! His flight takes him over the zoo, into the sky and to outer space. The story itself isn’t very linear and at first you may think it doesn’t make much sense; however, do our dreams make sense sometimes?

The scenes go from stage to stage abruptly like any dream could do. It’s an interesting concept being used here. There aren’t too many words in this book although I think that the illustrations make up for that. The abstract style may seem to be too busy for your children but the muted colors tone that aspect down and should keep them interested.I’ll be reading this to my children tonight and we’ll see how they like it.


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2 responses to “Penguin Dreams

  1. My dreams, when I recall them, rarely make sense. The title reminded me of the Opus video about wanting wings that flew. (I can’t recall the name of it now.)

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