Friday Video: Easily Amused

Penguins are apparently as easily amused as I am.



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3 responses to “Friday Video: Easily Amused

  1. maryt

    Funny! Have you ever seen that penguin short video piece (it has been going around in e-mail) where a penguin is passing another penguin and that penguin smacks him in the back of the head? It’s hilarious…

    Also have you played the Happy Feet game for Nintendo?

  2. You mean this one?
    The penguin really didn’t slap the other one down. If you look closely at the image, the walking one cracks through the ice right before the other one lifts its wing. Despite that, though, it’s still funny.
    Yep I have. I have it for the Wii. My children love it too. I just wished they made the multiplayer racing actual racing against each other.

  3. maryt

    Yes of course you have that funny bit of video…I don’t know, DOES the one fall thru the ice before the other one hits him??

    Are there any cheat sheets for “Happy Feet?” I can’t get past a certain point (and it’s really early on). BTW “Happy Feet” is the one and only video game I’ve EVER played. Ha!

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