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Polluted Penguin Poop

Concerns about organic pollutant levels in the Antarctic have led to intensive studies into how they reach this remote region, said Covaci. The pollutants originate from man-made sources such as organochlorine pesticides and brominated flame retardants, he explained. The routes through which they normally travel are air and ocean currents. Recent studies have shown that migrating birds can also transport organic pollutants to the Antarctic in their body tissues, added Covaci.

According to Belgian scientists, the Antarctic environment’s pollutant levels are rising faster than expected. The pollutants are being found in the soil left from penguin guano (read: poop) and carcasses. It seems that the penguins are being exposed indirectly from eating contaminated fish which were somehow tainted by something else.

“Bioaccumulation means that the penguins have high levels of contaminants in their bodies”

– Adrian Covaci at the University of Antwerp, Belgium

Not sure why there’s a picture of Magellanics
since they were studying Adelies. Oh well.


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Penguin Teaboy


Tea too strong? Too weak? Problem solved.

Our nattily attired tea penguin always brews the perfect cup. Set the timer for your ideal brew time (from 1 minute up to 20) and he lowers the teabag into the water. When the time is up, he lifts it out. Couldn’t be simpler or more fun. 3″ diameter, 8″ tall.

[via Signals]

Wow. Now there’s a clever little idea. No big feat, but it’s very cute plus the penguin looks very smart.


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Bluko, the Active Penguin

 Bluko, the Active Penguin

Bluko’s Bio:
– Bluko is only 6.5cm tall
– He is an active penguin, and if he could speak, he probably is a chatty one.

You can wear Bluko on your bag, hang in the car, any hook at home, or chain it around your keys.

[via Etsy]

Now there’s a cute little guy. I’m no good at crafty things like this at all.


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Paris the penguin plays up

A PENGUIN named after Paris Hilton has ended up mimicking the behaviour of the socialite heiress.

The penguin was named after the society girl when her incessant screaming for food raised fears over her parents’ health.

Staff at Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary put penguin Paris behind bars in a fenced off section to give the parents, Dick and Dougal, a break – but in more star-like adventures, Paris escaped and had to be locked up once more.

Animal care expert Lyndsey Crawford said: “Although she should be fending for herself by now, and will eat whole fish when the staff dole them out, she still constantly pesters her parents to get them to regurgitate more food for her.

“As long as she is still able to see the other penguins through the bars of the fence and can chatter to them and occasionally touch bills, the separation shouldn’t be too hard on her.”

[via The Press]

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Baby Penguins at Tautphaus Park Zoo

Six record-breakers put on their formal attire today, to show off at the Tautphaus Park Zoo.

The six new penguin chicks double the record of baby African penguins raised at the zoo set last year.

Four of the six penguins took their first swim in deep water without an animal keeper today. The two younger chicks will join the rest in about a week for their first unattended dip in the pool.

The adorable penguins are a part of the African Penguin Species Survival Plan, and will be sent to other zoos or institutions.

Zoo officials say raising the cute babies is a lot of work, but definitely worth it.

Bill Gersonde, Tautphaus Park Zoo Superintendent: “When we can produce chicks like this that are part of a conservation program, it is very, very rewarding regardless of the blood, sweat and tears that goes into raising six penguin chicks.”

The babies are not currently on exhibit, but zoo patrons will be able to watch animal keepers work with the new penguin chicks in the Indoor Penguin Exhibit starting Saturday, July 28th, at 2:00 p.m. for about 20 minutes, and after that every Thursday and Saturday through August also at 2:00 p.m.


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Swimming lessons for penguin Jack

A plucky penguin called Jack who had trouble getting his wings wet is taking swimming lessons to catch up.Jack was taken from his parents when he was just an egg because keepers at Paulston’s Park were worried they wouldn’t be able to look after him.

That meant Jack had to use a paddling pool to start swimming, and was taught by a person instead of a penguin.

Now he’s learnt to swim Jack is ready to dive into the big pool with the other penguins – including his brother.

The survival of Jack and his brother Shuffles is important because there aren’t many of their type of penguin left in the wild.

They are Humboldt penguins and it’s thought there are only between 9,000 and 15,000 of them left.

Jack was taken from his parents after his mum laid two eggs and keepers decided the best way to keep them both alive was to take one away.

 [via CBBC Newsround]

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Friday Video: Pigloo – Papa Pingouin

Cute song about a penguin who is tired of the same old scenery of the Antarctic and longs to be a bird who can fly anywhere. Lyrics are past the break in French and English.

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