Baby Penguins in Chicago Exhibit


CHICAGO, July 3 (UPI) — Staff at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago said a successful penguin breeding season resulted in the births of three new chicks. The oldest of the Gentoo chicks, designated 220, was 26 days old Tuesday, the Chicago Tribune reported. The two younger chicks were 16 and 8 days old Tuesday.

The three penguins are on display at the aquarium’s penguin exhibit, but only 220 is immediately noticeable, as the younger two are still being kept nestled beneath their parents for warmth.

“You can literally take a picture of them every day and watch them grow,” said Gretchen Freimuth, a senior trainer at Shedd. She said 220 still has its gray baby feathers but its wings and feet have grown to a point that implies it may soon enter its awkward phase.

She said 220’s father does a good job of setting his young next to the food bucket every day, but some other parents require assistance from staff to keep their babies healthy.

“Inexperienced parents sometimes don’t know how much food to regurgitate to the chicks,” Freimuth said.

[via United Press International]


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