Swimming lessons for penguin Jack

A plucky penguin called Jack who had trouble getting his wings wet is taking swimming lessons to catch up.Jack was taken from his parents when he was just an egg because keepers at Paulston’s Park were worried they wouldn’t be able to look after him.

That meant Jack had to use a paddling pool to start swimming, and was taught by a person instead of a penguin.

Now he’s learnt to swim Jack is ready to dive into the big pool with the other penguins – including his brother.

The survival of Jack and his brother Shuffles is important because there aren’t many of their type of penguin left in the wild.

They are Humboldt penguins and it’s thought there are only between 9,000 and 15,000 of them left.

Jack was taken from his parents after his mum laid two eggs and keepers decided the best way to keep them both alive was to take one away.

 [via CBBC Newsround]


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