Humor: Penguin Logic

Good ‘ol Aristotelian syllogism.



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24 responses to “Humor: Penguin Logic

  1. maryt

    Ah! a questionable syllogism! Funny!

  2. Matt

    I guess it is funny, but not true :(
    I love penguins :(

  3. Kornhead Mcgee

    yo i luv penguins but dis is sooo darn funny!!!

  4. Aww… So Cute :b

    I want a penguin at my birthday xD

  5. I love penguins :)

  6. pengeyrocks

    I have a website kinda like this too. I like this website a lot check out mine at

  7. mr jones

    i love penguins…. and this joke is soooooooooooooo funny like my face :)

  8. KayJay

    Have you played at Club Penguin? You should check it out!

  9. penguins are stupid u lot sld get a life

  10. peguins die about once every 15 seconds,
    by me!!


  11. Chelsea


  12. I love penguins, and I’m glad you posted this site!!! awesome!

  13. That is awesome post some more!!!

  14. Britney

    i love penguins and that made penguins look stupid but they are very smart animals

  15. jamie k

    I like penguin because that are so amazing and cute and i like em

  16. Kjdpenguin

    go to its fun!
    ps i luv penguinz

  17. mmay2

    Go to Club Penguin! :D!

  18. i find clubpenguin a bit boring now because i know a different website called runescape

  19. jamie k

    Yes iv got bord as well but then i found roblx its well cool if you can script tho

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