Tennesseean Penguins net names

The 15 new penguins at the Tennessee Aquarium finally got their names since coming to the aquarium thanks to a contest that received more than 8,200 entries. The judges didn’t just pick the names at random. The names had to fit each penguin’s different personalities. I got to wonder what these penguins are like based on the winning entries below.

Macaroni Males

  • Iggie – Caitlin Crowley, Decatur, Ala.
  • Merlin – Brittany Murray, Dalton
  • Paulie – Stan Myatt, Murfreesboro

Macaroni Females

  • Chaos – Stephen Culp, Chattanooga
  • Noodle – Niccole Jones, Paducah, Ky.

Gentoo Males

  • Big T – Allyson Ross, Soddy Daisy
  • Blue – Kim Hooper, Chattanooga
  • Nippy – Tim Richardson, Chattanooga
  • Poncho – Ann Walton, Chattanooga
  • Zeus – Niccole Click, Cowan, Tn.

Gentoo Females

  • Biscuit – Dawn Paschal, Five Points, Ala.
  • Bug – Kendra Thrash, Chattanooga
  • Flower – Chrissy L. Beaty, Cleveland, Tn.
  • Pebbles – Arianna Martin, Buford, Ga.
  • Peeps – BJ Davis, Chattanooga

The winners received free passes to the Tennessee Aquarium to see their penguin in action.



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4 responses to “Tennesseean Penguins net names

  1. Chilly Waddle

    Hi Mi Name Is Nicole :) …

    I hope U Lk This Name :)

  2. caity

    you should have cuter names than that shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhit

  3. sally

    what kind of names are those! i like the name Pingu or Panngie

  4. lilly

    not very original, i mean anyone could have thought of those

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