Penguin Collections

I’m not sure if some people who have seen my cubicle at work think I have a lot of penguins in there. I really don’t think so, at least their numbers haven’t grown to 4,000. Wow. That’s a lot of penguins alright. Now I do love a good penguin item but I won’t just buy any old thing with a penguin. Most of my collection sits on a small shelf above my monitor nowadays and I will mostly confine them to that shelf as I honestly cannot have them intruding on my work area. On that shelf, I have all (except for three) of my stuffed toys and some smaller items. I have a long armed, long legged one that hangs from the rear view mirror of Penguino and a Magellanic named Pengi that rides in my laptop backpack. At home, I have a penguin chalk board on my desk and a Piplup stuffed toy sitting under my monitor.

My shelf September 14, 2007.

Does anyone else have a bunch of penguins they have collected? Where do you put them?



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28 responses to “Penguin Collections

  1. KishyPenguins

    Well they sort of clutter the place.
    Some in my locker, on my computer desk *admires Squashnoff* and the rest on my bed and just everywhere I look in my room.
    They are slowly taking over the house- And then the world!

  2. Be careful or you’ll be featured in an article like that lady I linked to above. I would have to agree, though, that they do have a way of taking over a house quickly. Penguins are the main item I get on my birthday and Christmas. I had so much stuff on my desk at home. I think I still have a few things stuffed in the desk drawer!

  3. I keep them at home and given that I have 24+ or so soft toys not including other paraphernalia like pens, notebooks or erasers lying around. There are also the additional 20+ penguin soft toys I left at my parents house when I moved out as well.

    I don’t know. I have a lot of penguins and have been collecting them for a long time. After all, they are our future overlords.

  4. I have about two dozen. At Christmas, I create a winter display for them. Last year, I put them all on the bar, with icicle lights above and shiny paper below, each of them riding a white “ice floe”.
    This year I play to make a diorama- shop window size- on my floor, so the grandkids can move the penguins around. I have a “pond” area, and a “snow” area, and a “rock” area, all with lights and icicles. I know they all are not arctic, but one has to start somewhere, and I live in Arizona!

  5. Mary, that sounds quite awesome. When you have it all set up, can you post a picture of it somewhere? I’d love to see what it looks like!

  6. racing penguin

    I’m one of those people that have been collecting so long that I have thousands of them. They have taken over the house! Haha. I also put up a big Christmas tree with close to 500 penguin ornaments on it, and no 2 are exactly alike. It’s amazing how many I get as gifts for b-day and Christmas each year.

  7. PenguinGirlll

    how many do u have and where do u get them because i collect penguns 2( i have 145) and can only find penguin items when its close to christmas

  8. i always choose computer desks which are colored white because it looks very classy and very net“-

  9. my computer desk is of a metal and wood construction, this seems to be very sturdy and it can hold 20 inch montier ,’~

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  11. Michael

    Hi there,you do have some penguins!
    Let all penguin collectors know I am selling my entire penguin collection,which includes antique to toy to ceramic,everything imaginable,after 40 years of collecting-my favourite animal…
    Anyway wish to sell them to people who understand and will love them.
    Let me know if any penguin lovers are interested,regards Michael.

  12. Lauren

    If you’re still selling, I’m interested in learning more about your collection. Let me know!
    Thank you! – Lauren

    • Michael

      Hey Lauren,well like you,I have collected hundreds of different types of penguins,from all over the world,from stuffed toys to antique silver soup terrines!many ornamental ones,but unique ones like tea pots,and antique shoe brushes,and penguin rubber stamps,old hand made christmas ornaments,etc,a true lifestyle!They are spread around my room,and many boxed!
      Hope your well,regards Michael.

    • Michael

      Hey Lauren,yes I am willing to sell many penguins,what part of the world are you?I am in Australia,cheers M.

  13. Lauren

    You have an amazing collection! I also have a few hundred that I keep around the room. I’m in North America (USA).

    • Michael

      Well sounds like you have many penguins yourself!
      It does become excessive,when they are invading my floor space!…..

  14. Denise

    I have a collection of about 1000 penguin items. Who is interested in taking the whole thing off my hands for a reasonable price?

    • Mary Shen Barnidge

      I have (at last census) over 300 penguins, but the relatives of a lady who recently died asked me what they should do with 600 penguins. Many are one-of-a-kind items that really belong in art museum (if the Chicago Art Institute can exhibit paperweights and dollhouses, why not penguins?).

      The disposal of penguin collections seem to be a problem as widespread as the accumulation of said collections. Does anybody know of a penguin museum analogous to that of teddy bears in Washington? Would anybody like to start one? .

      • Rachel

        There is a penguin museum in Germany

        I myself have over 900 penguin related items. I have been collecting since I was about 4 and am now 25. I live in England.

      • Mary Barnidge

        Thank you for your reply! I had all but given up hope that anyone would know where our penguins could find a home when w are no longer able to house them. I’ve emailed the Cuxhaven Penguin museum to ask if they accept donations. If I can will my literary archives to a university, why not will my penguins to a museum?

        I live in the United States–Chicago, to be specific–and have been accumulating penguins of all descriptions since I was a child. Where in England do you live?

        Mary Shen Barnidge


      • Rachel

        I hope you get a good response! I live near Birmingham :)

      • Mary Shen Barnidge

        The 600-penguin collection has found a home. Its owner emailed me that his son had “located a biology lab at the University of Washington doing research on penguins and wanted our collection to use in talks and demonstrations (apparently they have a lot of public contact). I think we may have overwhelmed them and they may not want more, but it felt good to know that my mother’s penguin collection was intact and was being well cared for.”

        The Penguin museum in Germany, however, writes me that they are–you guessed it!–running out of room to display and store their inventory and cannot accept any more until they get the funds for a bigger space.

        I lived in England, myself, for nearly two years. My father was stationed at the American Air Force Base near Ruislip (I was VERY young, however).

      • Rachel

        I’m pleased that your collection has found a home. The museum does have the Guinness world record for the most penguin related items! Interesting that you once lived in England, I don’t think I’ve ever been to Ruislip.

  15. Gwen

    Late to the party, but I too have a substantial penguin collection that I would like to transfer to a good home (downsizing after many years). I have about 400 assorted penguins, ranging from tiny ceramic ones to stuffed ones (small through enormous) to kitchen items to posters and prints and everything in between. I’m in Pennsylvania.

  16. Rachel

    Hello everyone, I have found a great Facebook group for people who collect penguins

  17. judy

    Looking to sell my whole collection of penguins I have thousands. must down size,

  18. Leo

    The price will increase after a few years.

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