Penguin Poop – Chocolate Candy

It never ends does it? I must learn where the marketing department found that people like to eat poop. Here we have another contender for candy loosely resembling penguin pooh. At least it’s not in an automatic dispenser.

“Penguin Poop” – Chocolate Candy. Are you struggling to find a penguin gift for the person that has everything? How about one of our famous jars of “Penguin Poop”? Besides being a fantastic penguin conversation piece, the chocolate rock candy really tastes great. Why not buy a case and stock up for that long hard penguin winter?

7.2 OZ resealable jars

At least the candy doesn’t actually resemble real penguin poop. That’d be quite disgusting. Maybe it could be an ICEE or ice cream flavor. No, no. Ew. Nevermind.

[via PenguinsLand]


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4 responses to “Penguin Poop – Chocolate Candy

  1. I’ll sure be suggesting a couple of these for Christmas…
    On top of all the other penguin things that I’ve been hinting at lately.

  2. If anyone gets me these, they may just stay on my desk at work for awhile. If you’re looking for some more penguiny things, check out this site that I stumbled upon today.

  3. I’ve got the automatic pooper though. But I finished all the chocolate poop already. Waste not want not. :)

  4. maryt

    Oh yuck! Adam! And I’m a chocoholic!

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