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Penguiny USB Flash Drive

Penguin USB Flash Drive

Wow. Now there’s a cute little penguin shaped USB flash drive. It has a flip-top head to expose the USB connector. If this little guy wasn’t ridiculously priced at $63, I’d want to jump all over it and order one. Novelty is one thing but still.

[via GeekStuff4U]


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Penguin Awareness Day

Staying in line with my post last year, I’d like to say, “Happy Penguin Awareness Day!” It’s that time of year again to learn about things of the spheniscidae (pronounced sven-is-ki-di) nature.

  • Wear penguin-y colors. Maybe black pants with a white shirt?
  • If you can, go see some penguins. This may be at the zoo, aquarium, or a local colony for you lucky fellows in Australia and South Africa.
  • Watch a movie or video that is about penguins or just has a penguin in it.
  • Go to the library and find some penguin related material to read whether it be fiction or non-fiction.
  • Search the Internet for penguin information. A good place to start is Wikipedia or even Penguins!
  • Play some penguin themed or oriented games whether they be Internet-based, board-games, or imaginary.
  • Walk around all day like a penguin. (Thanks Karen)
  • Draw and color some penguins. Here’s a fairly easy tutorial on drawing one.
  • Do some penguin-y activities.
  • Support a conservation group such as SANCCOB or the Penguin Foundation. If you’re into wine, you can help by buying some wine made by the Little Penguin as proceeds from their sales are donated to the Penguin Foundation.

Penguin Awareness IconFeel free to drop a comment and tell us what you did on Penguin Awareness Day. We would love to hear about it!


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Antarctica’s penguin poo sleuths

LOUISE Emmerson has spent the past five years in a Hobart laboratory preoccupied with understanding the lives of Antarctic Adelie penguins. But it was only a few days ago that she finally saw the real thing waddle into view across the ice. It was love.

Perched quietly amid the Antarctic equivalent of chattering suburbia, a crowded rookery just a fast boat ride from Australia’s Casey research station, she watches the parent penguins return from the sea with bellies full of food for their rapidly growing, voraciously consuming young. “Great big balls of fluff,” whispers Dr Emmerson. “Don’t you just want to cuddle them?”

Her task here is rather less appealing, but no less doting. She has come to collect their crap. With Australian Antarctic Division project leader Simon Jarman and colleague Mike Double, she will spend the next two weeks living in a remote field hut, playing Pictionary by night, and venturing out into the frigid icescape each day to scrape penguin poo from the snow and rocks, photograph it, catalogue it, and deposit it in tubes to be shipped back to a Hobart laboratory. The DNA within the samples will be used to gain new insight into the Adelie’s diet, foraging habits and breeding patterns.

It really is an interesting article. Be sure to check out the “New Ice Age” blog and multimedia sites linked at the end of the article.

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New Gentoo Chicks at Newport Aquarium

The Newport Aquarium in northern Kentucky has announced that two Gentoo chicks were hatched last month, one on December 3rd and another on December 24th. Both are awesome additions to my favorite part of the aquarium. I’ll be sure to tell my 5 year old daughter that one of the chicks shares her birthday (12/24). Now to get around to signing up for their Penguin Encounter program to see the African penguins.

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London Zoo penguin head count

The Telegraph has pictures of the London Zoo’s bird keeper taking a head count of their 40 African penguins and 4 Rockhoppers. Each of them have names but that doesn’t make it any easier, I bet. I’m sure they use a system of descriptions and pictures to sort them all out along with the bands on their wings. I’ve heard (from a web cast) that the Monterey Bay Aquarium makes note of the spots on their Africans’ fronts – their location, size, etc. Anyway, there’s some great pictures of them helping out if you follow the first link above.

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Penguins in Black & White

David Vaynor Evans of Antarctic Diary took some really nice black & white shots using an old fashioned manual camera (read not DSLR). Check out the rest of the pictures on their site. They are phenomenal shots with no Photoshop touch-ups.

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Rockhoppers at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Credit: allen350d at flickr

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