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St Kilda penguins at risk

The Port of Melbourne Corporation’s plan to monitor Phillip Island penguins rather than a colony at St Kilda, which is closer to bay dredging work, has outraged environmentalists.Earthcare St Kilda, a voluntary group that has monitored the St Kilda penguins for 20 years, said the port authority was trying to hide any negative effects from the public.

It believes the St Kilda colony of 1200 penguins is most at risk from the dredging because its primary food source, anchovy, is likely to be decimated by work scheduled for the Yarra River mouth at the time they usually spawn.

“It may not wipe out the whole lot but it will take a long time for the colony to recover,” Earthcare’s co-ordinator of penguin research, Zoe Hogg, said.

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African penguin born at Mystic Aquarium

A baby penguin is the newest addition to the collection of fish and animals at the Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration. The aquarium announced Thursday that the chick was born Jan. 13. It is expected to go on display in the spring. Aquarium scientists will not know the sex of the chick until a blood test is done in a few months.

The aquarium is part of a cooperative breeding program for African black-footed penguins with other zoos and aquariums, known as the Species Survival Plan. The aquarium has seen more than a dozen chicks successfully hatched over the past 18 years.

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Penguin Bowling


The folks at Three Potato Four posted a sneak peak of a cute set of wooden bowling pins shaped like penguins. They will be available soon in their upcoming kids section. Look! They even have little berets! These are incredibly cute and most awesome.

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Friday Video: Gentoos & Macaronis

The penguins on the sub-Antarctic Island of South Georgia are laying, brooding eggs and hatching chicks in midsummer.

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