5 New Blackfooted Penguin Chicks at Pueblo Zoo

The Pueblo Zoo’s African penguin population has been steadily growing–five penguin babies were born over the winter. They’ll soon be on display.

At birth an baby African penguin is only about the size of a golf ball. Now they weigh close to five pounds.

The chicks were recently separated from their parents to make sure they’re getting enough good and aren’t hurt by the older, larger penguins.

“Another oil spill could pretty much devastate the African penguin population, so to know that we’re doing something that could help bring them back–if anything did happen, it’s very exciting to feel like I’m a part of that, ” said zoo keeper Stephanie Pyles.

The Pueblo Zoo is having continued success at raising penguins. Last year six babies were born. They’re now considered “teenagers” and will soon be moved to other zoos.

[Source: KOAA.com]

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