Matryoshka Penguins

My wife and I were at the mall yesterday and I happened to find this awesome matryoshka (or babooshka) doll in Claire’s (wife was shopping for stuff for our daughter, I was wandering around). I knew I needed to have one as they only had a couple left. In case you aren’t familiar with matryoshka dolls, they’re wooden dolls (originating from Russia) with more dolls nested inside each one, the last one being a baby which does not open. You may have seen the Higglytown Heroes which resemble matryoshka dolls. Each of these penguins are painted with a different expression. You can see more pictures by clicking on the picture above.


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4 responses to “Matryoshka Penguins

  1. Kristen

    Yesss! I bought the very same thing from Claire’s. Actually, I’ve found a lot of good penguin merchandise at Claire’s, ranging from earrings to plushies; however, I’ve also found that my local(ish) Claire’s changed their store layout to focus mainly on earrings. The display that used to have miscellaneous items has been taken down, so no more random penguin accessories from there for me. ):

    Is it just me, or is the baby doll of the set kind of funny looking, and not in a good way like the rest? The others have such cute details, but the littlest looks… a little lacking? I just repainted mine, though. (:

    I just stumbled on your website a few minutes ago – so, hello! (: Finally, some place that won’t think of me weird for loving penguins.

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  3. I sincerely declare you produce many excellent ideas and I will post a number of suggestions to add to briefly.

  4. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… Unless, of course, it turns out as good as this post! Bravo! Have a great day! :)

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