Little Blue in South Africa?

It would seem that a Little Blue has come a long way to visit its distant Blackfooted cousins! A juvenile Fairy penguin was found stranded at Cape Henderson a few weeks ago by a local resident, one Arina Bernstein. Little Blues are only found natively in southern Australia and New Zealand so how this little guy made it all the way to Africa is quite a feat! I’d be very interested to know this penguin’s story.

“It’s half the adult size of our only endemic penguin – the African penguin. This is possibly a first recording along the South African coast for the species … It won’t be available for public viewing until authorities are happy it won’t spread any diseases or have any harmful effect on any of our local species.”

– Kevin Cole, Scientist at the East London Museum in South Africa

[via PenguinsLand]


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4 responses to “Little Blue in South Africa?

  1. Trucker Doug

    Obviously, the pengie is on holiday.

  2. Apparently so. He does look quite proud of himself too.

    Welcome back, Trucker Doug, or have you just been lurking?

  3. I wonder, did he fly in?

  4. Julie, maybe you’re thinking of the Adelies from April 1st.

    Maybe he hopped on a flight and parachuted?

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