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Rejected baby penguin finds a mom

A Little Blue penguin chick has found a mothering surrogate after being rejected by its parents. Its parents seemed uninterested in it after it took so long for it to hatch. The penguin team at the aquarium induced the chick into hatching by chipping away small amounts of the shell so it could get out. While they tried to introduce the chick to its parents, they weren’t at all interested in raising it. Usually in the wild when an egg doesn’t hatch on time, the parents will assume it’s, well no offense intended, a dud and abandon it.

When it’s time to go home at the end of the day, New England Aquarium biologists Caitlin Hume and Heather Urquhart take turns taking the baby penguin home with them since they wouldn’t receive any care from the other penguins while they’re away. They say that the penguin is making good progress and will be introduced to the other chicks to join their creche by the end of the month.

[via PenguinsLand]



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