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Meet Bondo

(From left) Biology researchers Ginger Rebstock, Olivia Kane, Jeff Smith and Dee Boersma display Bondo, a replica penguin constructed for testing purposes.
Photo by Cliff Despeaux.

“You can see how heavy he is,” Boersma said while cradling the model penguin. “That’s why we call him Bondo — because he’s full.”

Bondo may not be a real penguin, but the real-life birds he was designed to mimic have been at the center of Boersma’s research for a quarter of a century. During a typical year, Boersma may take two or three trips to the narrow peninsula of Punta Tombo in Argentina, home to the largest colony of Magellanic penguins in South America.

Under her guidance, a small group of researchers track individual penguins and groups of penguins to collect data as part of the Magellanic Penguin Project.

Read more at the University of Washington’s The Daily.


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