Lucky Penguin Escapes Orcas

This Gentoo was being chased by a couple of orcas. Luckily it managed to jump into this boat to hide out for a while. For the impatient, the penguin jumps in around 2:15. Cute little guy has no trouble hopping around the edge of the boat too. It’s also an interesting video where you can see the orca’s blowhole in operation. Well, enough about the orca. Look at that little penguin go!



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5 responses to “Lucky Penguin Escapes Orcas

  1. kev

    That’s awesome, I love it.
    Shame about the soundtrack.

  2. Awesome! My mom just sent me this vid via email, couldn’t figure out where it came from — fantastic to see it here – that little penguin is such a taunter, standing on the edge like that – ha!

  3. SRS

    Raucous! (Too much video in the beginning though.)

  4. Hi!!!!! I’m a little penguin, I’ve found your blog and love it!!!!! I have put a link to your blog on my website. Hope you don’t mind!!!!!

  5. jgooode: I know! That little guy is just strutting his stuff about the boat. Luckily the orcas didn’t attempt to tip the raft over.

    SRS: Indeed, there’s quite a bit of video there but it was captured by someone just filming their trip and probably wanted to show all of what/where/why/how of the penguin getting in.

    Kowalski: That’s great you like the site. The more linkage the better, I always say.

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