Baby Penguins at SeaWorld!


Congratulations to SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, for the hatching of 3 new penguin chicks. 24-day old and a 12-day old Magellanic (left & center) as well as a 8-day old Rockhoppper join the roster of over 200 penguins who call SeaWorld their home.



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4 responses to “Baby Penguins at SeaWorld!

  1. Very cool. I’m not so informed about penguins in captivity, but need to raise the question: Shouldn’t they be left in the wild?

  2. CUTE! Tonyfarley, I think penguins should ultimately be left in the wild, but to ensure their continued survival we have to keep some in captivity. But by protecting species from going extinct, are we preventing new ones from evolving?

  3. jgoode

    Oh my goodness, absolutely adorable- Wish I lived close enough to see them in person!

  4. awwww the penguins r so cute i want 1

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