National Penguin Awareness Day

Happy National Penguin Awareness Day! Yes, it’s January 20th again and it’s our little flippered friends’ day to get some attention, aside from some little ceremony that’s happening on the east coast (j/k – congratulations, Mr. President!).

Anyway, be sure to take some time today to learn or do something relating to penguins whether it be learning more about them, visiting them at the zoo or aquarium, reading awesome books about them, or even just spending countless hours on flickr or YouTube looking at them. Here’s a few to get you started.




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5 responses to “National Penguin Awareness Day

  1. kev

    I’ve been yelling “Penguins and Polar Bears don’t live together!” since before christmas, does that count for anything?

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  3. This is a must! Find a bottle of Little Penguin Merlot (Eastern Australian Wine and very common in liquor stores), uncork it and drink the whole dang thing. Then open another one, perhaps a Cabernet Sauvignon and share this one with some friends. Oh…..I know Merlot is suppose to be drank at room temp, but on Penguin Day??……be sure and pour it over ice. It is a fantastic wine for somewhere around $6-$10 a bottle. Enjoy–I know I will. PS I have been drinking Little Penguin for years now because it is such a good source of ‘heart medicine’. And, as a result of this, my friends have given me unbelieveable amounts of Penguin memorabilia and my house is full. I would like to nominate myself as “Penguin for a Day” for Jan. 20th 2010. Would that be alright with everyone out there? Thanks Russ Werth, Bowman ND.

  4. sam

    my six year old son loves penguins. he has 37 stuffed ones and his room and bathroom are covered in penguins. we love penguin day!!! ice cube igloos rock!!!

  5. Pat Ferguson

    When I was a kid in Indiana, I thought I saw a penguin walk across our backyard in the farm behind us. Of course no one believed me. Starting in college I began to collect penguins (it started as a joke by others) but have really gotten in to it and I’ve read up a lot. My VW bus’ license plate was TENNTUX (if you are old enough to remember the Tennesee Tuxedo cartoon character. Most people only remember VChilly Willy)
    Just got back from a trip to Latin America and got to the Falklands and Magdalena Islands to see penguins up close. A wonderful experience! My brother went to UCLA and a penguin was found wandering free in Westwood (a section of Los Angeles) and no one claimed it—no zoo, animal group, etc. If that could happen in LA, maybe I really did see one in Indiana!!! I’ve just found your site and will check in on it often.

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