New Humboldt chick at Akron Zoo

An endangered Humboldt penguin chick has been born at the Akron Zoo.

The chick, born April 14, emerges from its burrow when its parents, also on exhibit at the zoo, allow it to explore its surroundings.

The chick has been named Tadeo, which means courage, by the Animal Care staff because of the bravery it has already displayed, zoo officials said today in announcing the birth.

Usually, a chick’s first swim is supervised by the parents and the staff, but Tadeo tested the water on his first swim alone.

Staff members soon should be able to determine whether Tadeo, who weighs 7 pounds, is a male or female.

The chick is not able to fully eat on its own, so the parents are doing most of the feeding.

Tadeo’s parents, Bopp and Jill, are fed two varieties of fish four times a day, twice as much as other penguins at the zoo.

The penguin should start eating by itself in the next couple of weeks, zoo officials said.

[via the Akron Beacon Journal]


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