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Adelies in Antarctica – Videos

Juanita Constible has put up the videos of the adelies that she mentioned in a comment in the previous post. Most awesome! Since they’re just in WMV format (not YouTube or anything), I can’t embed into the post so you’ll just have to download for your viewing pleasure. They’re quite small though!

Video 1 – An Adelie penguin colony during a light snowfall.  Listen carefully for the high-pitched peeping noises—those are chicks.  About 25 seconds through the video, look for two penguins waving their heads around in the back of the colony.  That is a mated pair saying hello to one another.

Video 2 – Two Adelie penguins walking toward the water so they can look for food to bring back to their chicks.  As you will see, Adelies are a bit clumsy on land.

Thank you again, Juanita, for putting these videos up!



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Adelies in Antarctica

Juanita Constible is doing some study in Antarctica and apparently has been getting distracted at the penguin population there. She even took some very nice photos and shares a couple with everyone on their blog. These are pretty awesome shots! Can’t wait to see the video!


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