Adelies in Antarctica – Videos

Juanita Constible has put up the videos of the adelies that she mentioned in a comment in the previous post. Most awesome! Since they’re just in WMV format (not YouTube or anything), I can’t embed into the post so you’ll just have to download for your viewing pleasure. They’re quite small though!

Video 1 – An Adelie penguin colony during a light snowfall.  Listen carefully for the high-pitched peeping noises—those are chicks.  About 25 seconds through the video, look for two penguins waving their heads around in the back of the colony.  That is a mated pair saying hello to one another.

Video 2 – Two Adelie penguins walking toward the water so they can look for food to bring back to their chicks.  As you will see, Adelies are a bit clumsy on land.

Thank you again, Juanita, for putting these videos up!



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2 responses to “Adelies in Antarctica – Videos

  1. No problem! Glad you enjoyed them.

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