All Black King Penguin Discovered

Photo via Andrew Evans of the National Geographic.

Andrew Evans from National Geographic was out photographing King penguins on the island of South Georgia off Antarctica when he spotted a rare specimem, an all-black King penguin. This penguin has some sort of melanism that makes its feathers dark/black. As you can see from the picture it does not have any white feathers on its front and its yellow plumage on its head is very darkened. Check out the articles on this astonishing wonder linked below. Wow, that’s all I can really say.

Yahoo! Green

National Geographic Intelligent Travel Blog

Another from Intelligent Travel

Short video of the penguin from Andrew Evans


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5 responses to “All Black King Penguin Discovered

  1. omg so cute, wow what a rare pick…nice post..

  2. Apostle of Q'in

    So many infidels around here. You’re all wrong.

    It’s the first sign. It has been foreseen that the return of the Great Penguin, praise his name, will be foreshadowed by several signs.

    This all black penguin is the first sign. The Black March will begin soon. The time of His return is near! Repent now infidels! The Great Penguin, praise his name, is returning! And he will lay judgment upon the infidels and heretics!

    All hail the Great Penguin! All hail the Great Q’in! Repent sinners! Repent now!

  3. leah

    that looks like its photo shoped. why does the penguins shadow look like the opposite of the other penguin… some one could have just made it negative.

  4. But there is no shaddow, plus if it was negative it would have white feet and a white head and wings!

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